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labor day september 3rd, 2012. it is the unofficial end of summer, everybody. >> and the weather is matching that day. mother nature knows what day it is. it could be gray and rainy today. good monday morning i'm allison seymour. >> we're going to talk about that gray gloomy end of summer forecast. just going to give us one more day. >> i tried to give us anything this weekend. nothing budging here. cloud cover and rain showers back in the forecast. maybe a thunder storm this afternoon. not going to rain every minute. a peak of sunshine today. combination of the remnence of isaac. all right. temperatures, washington 76 dege s. got to get well to the north up into
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new england. boston, 61 as far as relief. the humidity, it was impressive all weekend. a lot of water out there associated with the movement through. 83 today, a little cooler with the cloud cover. showers and storms likely this afternoon. winds out of the southeast at 5. here's a quick look at weather. let's do traffic with lauren. >> thanks. showers and storms plus holiday traffic not really the best combination. do head out early today. right now nice light volume. the trip leaving baltimore down toward the capital beltway. here you are near 212, no issues for you. no accidents or incidents to report. in howard county we did have a road closure. that's because of a fire at mel's liquor store. crews have blocked off the road for several hours. let's move along to traffic
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land. outer loop and new hampshire avenue, nobody out there. no delays. things also looking good on the beltway in prince georges county. we had an earlier wreck westbound between 123 and route 50 but that's cleared out of the way. 95 and 395 no worries for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. allison. >> thanks. the big story more severe flooding in a dc neighborhood. residents have been hit four times since july. live in the blooming dale area with the latest on what is an on going problem. we just feel for those folks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hardship for a lot of the people in this neighborhood cleaning up not once but four times as you mentioned over the last few months. they are watching that
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rain in the forecast today very closely. worry they are going to be under water again. last night the street here was under water flooded damaging cars, homes. and seems to happen every time there's a heavy rain. the fast moving water swept away cars. cell phone video shows one person who had to be rescued. the fire department helped a number of people trapped in cars. fourth time they have been hit with flash flooding. the water rises so quickly, people have little time to react. some with raw sewage that back up inside. the flooding is a fear for people here but many don't know what else to do. >> i'm frustrated because we were not expecting this at all just after dinner. >> reporter: the city has formed a task force to get to the bottom of this flooding problem. dc water is using
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cameras to inspect 90,000 square feet of the tunnels to see if there is a blockage somewhere that could quickly address some of the problems. for now, there are still no answers as to why this just keeps happening. that's the latest here. back to you. >> our other big story this morning, the democratic national convention. the party kicks off later today with a morning prayer and a series of caucus and council meetings. >> the president and vice president will a-- nicole begins our coverage live outside the time warner cable arena. good morning to you, nicole. >> reporter: good morning. we've just moved inside here. very quiet. going to be a different scene starting tomorrow when this convention kicks off. the obama campaign
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saying democrats plan a clear agenda on how they plan to rebuild this economy. some 6,000 delegates and tens of thousands of others converging on charlotte, north carolina for the democratic national convention. along with the supporters are critics as antiobama critics gathered. >> these democrats are not what they seem and people have to understand that. and that's the message i'm bringing. >> reporter: the president's team laying out the case for a second term and framing gop presidential anomaly mitt romney. >> what mitt romney is going to offer trickle down fairy dust. >> president obama continuing the theme while speaking to students at the university at colorado sunday giving this critique of last week's republican national convention >> despite all the challenge we
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face, what they offered over those three days was an agenda that was better suited for the last century. it was a rerun. it could have been on nick at night. we've seen it before. you might as well watch it on a black and white tv with rabbit ears. >> president obama will accept the party's nomination on thursday night. >> reporter: competing for some of the north carolina spotlight today, vice presidential candidate paul ryan also in greenville today campaigning himself. guys? >> all right. thank you. >> all right. mitt romney is laying low for the next few days in new hampshire. but his running mate paul ryan will stop through the tar heel state. >> before president obama gets
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fully into campaign and convention business this week he visits louisiana today where clean up from hurricane isaac is underway. he will tour hard hit places. the water also remains high in plakamin's parish. >> right now they are just getting to where they can get out to be able to get food or fresh water or even to see anybody else. >> we were in the process of moving. >> and now? >> now we're in the process of rebuilding. >> at least he can laugh about it. red cross show 2800 people remain in shelters today. the death toll stands at 7 today. crews are heading back to work on off shore drilling rigs. federal officials say more than 70% of the daily oil production is still on hold.
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the national average for a gallon of regular gas stands at $3.83. 8 cents higher than a week ago. 20 cents higher than labor day last year and a new labor day record. >> wildfires have cut short holiday celebrations in california and parts of the midwest. fires have scorched more than 3600 acres and thousands of visitors to evacuate. northwest nebraska and southwest, south dakota have burned 285 square miles. emergency crews days to contain all the fires. mix of christianity and asian religions has died. he came to fame in the 1970s and 80s became a worldwide movement and he was a powerful voice.
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eventually the church built a business empire that included the washington times newspaper. he passed away early today at a hospital. he was 92 years old >> a weekend race ended with people running for their lives. >> we'll show you the dramatic crash all caught on tape. >> on deck with what's cooking in today's sports breakfast. >> talking about steven strassburg and the shut down. we'll tell you when it is coming up in sports. >> but first --. >> he's dancing. >> i can't dance. >> all right. before we get to all that, back with another check of your traffic and weather coming up every 10 minutes. it is now 7:09. we'll be right back . >> traffic and weather not always a good thing.
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i just saw this movie. >> you did? somebody is in your head >> with netflix. kids are looking at these things. >> you just saw this movie. >> dolly parton of course. >> what was the name? >> deb me somebody. >> all before the year of 1972. >> that is a women's lib and i love it. >> happy monday by the way. >> we are working 9 to 5. hopefully you are at home or up watching us. >> or in some cases 3 to noon. >> 9 to 5 is irrelevant. >> just working period. >> oh, well. >> let's get your weather. more of the same
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unfortunately. showers, humidity. i only get a minute. >> in other words, shut up and let me do my thing. >> i didn't want to have to say that but yeah. i'm sorry about your plans. >> i didn't have any. >> nationles are playing today at 1:00. be ready for showers. they can fire up today. 76 in washington. 61 in boston. lots of humidity out to the west. 75 in atlanta and well-off to the north and west with cooler weather. there are hints of fall in the lower 48 today. but most of the eastern half of the country still under the influence of the remnents of isaac. if you are out on the roadways, that will slow things down. the main event out to the west and you can see it there into portions of the west
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virginia and kentucky. we have to get into thursday and friday before we get cooler and drier air in here. noeks couple day -- next couple days showers and storms. cooler today with a cloud cover 83 but a lot of humidity will warm it up. and finally behind a cold front all of the tropical moisture and feel like september with highs about 82 by next saturday with lower humidity. >> rough couple days though. >> going to be a little shaky here. >> you know september is a great month? >> is that right? was someone born inu were? >> in a couple days. haven't you been shopping already? >> you know i do things last minute. >> get two gifts. my birthday is this month too. >> so needy. lauren is to our left. >> men are demanding out here.
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happy coming birthday. that's all you are getting from me. let's take a live look out there. nice and quiet on the roads. if you have to head to work, not much of an issue. southbound 395 we had an earlier car fire. that's cleared out of the way. northbound 95 and 395 look great. hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for route 50. they will be in the northbound direction until tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. typically we see the slow traffic here but you have the all clear today. things look good. julie wright will be at the parade later. heading up toward the bay bridge. nothing in your way. and recommend you leave
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before 10:00 a.m. head out early. we may be seeing coming wet weather. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. let's talk sports. dave ross in the house. >> thanks. the nats had game 3 from the world champs. learns his shut down date. >> no shutting me down. >> you don't ever get shut down. >> you want to get either wisdom or tucker a birthday gift, get them the netflix 9 to 5 movie. >> i'll get it on vhs. >> there you go. >> steve even strassburg was working 9 to 5 yesterday. he's been great. he is great. we all get that . but will be shut down. two more starts this friday against the marlyns and september 12th in new york city.
7:18 am
start number 27 for strassburg yesterday. struck out 9. walked just 1. he's been lights out . didn't get the win but pitched quite well. his innings count is 153 and a third. so again, they said all along they were going to shut him down between 160 and 180. the controversy stems from the fan base. the fans say wait a minute we've never gone to the playoffs. we're getting ready to go to the playoff ands take our ace off the mound. this is something mike rizzo told his players back in spring training. so the players aren't necessarily surprised by this. it's the fan base. and i can understand both sides. and steven himself still wants to be out there. he says he's going to fight this tooth and nail. we'll see if he has any pull. how about the orioles? i know i refer to them as the
7:19 am
cute orioles. good little story. they are actually legit. two long balls yesterday . they go up to new york and take 2 out of 3 from the yanks. they are two games behind the bombers. they could possibly win this american league east. >> how big would that be? >> huge. he claims he called a battle of the beltways world series coming up. in april is what he said. timmy hightower. had to make cuts >> i called this one last year. >> not buying that either. >> hightower had knee situations. his knee didn't respond to the off season surgery. one preseason game week 3 against indy and the team doctor said it didn't respond well after the game. sometimes you can play in the game.
7:20 am
sometimes it's what happened after the game. they are going to go with the three headed monster september 9th which is sunday week 1 in new orleans. in tennis terms 30 is old right? >> sure. >> andy rodick is 30. but said he's going to retire after he loses in the u.s. open. if he wins, he's going to shut it down after this. he's turning back the clock. gave you jimmy conner when he was like 70. looking spry as ever moves on to the 4th round. he's playing it well. did you go to the u.s. open? >> i did not. i failed to get my ticket. andy's last time ever and you were in new york city. >> you know what. >> it's a pretty cool thing. when you thing about
7:21 am
longevity, 30 is super old. like what roger is doing winning major championships. it's nice to see him in the 4th round. >> the guy did show boating. >> no, no, no. don't try that on me. still hot dogging. >> nothing wrong with a little show. >> if you can return the ball after a regular hit. >> good point. >> all right. good to see you. coming up, the big change in the way that you pay that you need to know about bv you head back to work. >> and later riding in style. holly is checking out the cars at the annual auto show. 7:21. we will be right back. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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last night's labor day concert went off with something of a hitch. the national symphony orchestra had to change plans because of mother nature and move the show from the capital building to the kennedy center. the free concert attracted enough people to line up around the building. the rest of the crowd had to watch on televisions out in the hallway. >> went into affect this weekend. smart trip cards need a minimum of $1.20 for customers to enter the system. and if users register their cards, metro will put a $3 credit. until they are reformatted with braille and audio for the blind. that should take about two
7:26 am
months. >> on this labor day when many rest for work, many are still looking for work. unique opportunities this month to learn about job openings. they are specific to the dc area. they include on the job shadowing at places like the fbi and clark construction. to learn more, you can go to the web site you see on the screen. or you may call 1877 enabled. >> still ahead, an insider account on life in the campaign trail. sit down with author for a look at what happens behind the scenes. >> caught on tape, a driver loses control and scales into a stand full of spectators. show you what happened next. >> but first, an update on your labor day holiday traffic and weather. it is 7:26.
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new this morning, still no word on what caused a pilot to
7:30 am
crash over the weekend. 56-year-old grin skids smith died when his 30-year-old training plane dived and crashed into a field. he logged over 2,000 hours as a pilot over a period of two decades. the faa is expected to release a report within a week. >> in oregon, some terrifying moments for fans of monster truck racing. a driver lost control of the truck and plowed into a stand full of spectators. someone in the stands caught the whole scene on tape. sent 3 people to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. >> man. >> that's awful. >> can you man standing there and all of a sudden you are minding your own business and there's a truck's coming. >> there's no reaction time. i don't think it's physically possible. but everybody is going to be okay. that's good. meantime. >> whether or nt
7:31 am
obviously this weekend. things didn't cooperate saturday or sunday. and they won't today either. plenty of heat. plenty of humidity. it will be in the low # 0s but feels so oppressive out there. our dew point temperatures currently at 72 in washington cht that's very high. current temperatures, 76 in washington. cool off overnight with the cloud cover and local fog particularly out to the west. 73 this morning. as mentioned, expect highs today in the low 80s with more of the same. and i think the chances for showers and storms even higher than yesterday. let's do dew point temperatures. measuring how much water is out there. this is in the uncomfortable range. 73 in washington. 74 this morning. dew point temperature 72 in leonard town. got a couple
7:32 am
sprinkles and showers. southeast washington working out to the southeast side of the beltway and on the northwest side up 270 i sound like a traffic reporter. we'll see the showers fill in here before long as we have the remnants of isaac here. this is the real deal. and this will come through into a very wet atmosphere. not going to take a lot to fire up storms this afternoon. the cubs game later today, be prepared for the possibility of showers. they could kick up at any point. 83 today. showers and storms back in the forecast. couple more days of this. 73 the overnight low. a good chance for showers and storms overnight. and do it again tomorrow. a lot of kids getting back to school and back to work tomorrow. showers and storms back in the forecast for tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, upper 80s. all out of
7:33 am
here late thursday and friday. that's a cold front right there and feel like september around here. that's a look at weather. let's look at traffic . >> not bad. you could do traffic if you'd like. >> i'm not sure i'll be very good at it. >> i think you'd be very good at it. things are really quiet. you'd probably be great at it. not much going on . if you have to head to work this morning, nice light volume. 66 no issues approaching route 50. earlier accident westbound after 123. that is gone. westbound you are in good shape as well. 93, 393 looking good. hov restrictions lifted and pointed north until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. that continues through the holiday. here you are pennsylvania avenue approaching the freeway. no issues for you. running well both directions. route 50 looks good heading across the bay bridge. early time to head out.
7:34 am
won't find any delay at this point. 95 college park into silver spring. >> thank you. and as we told you at the top of the show, the democratic convention kicks off today. if you've ever wondered what it's like to be an insider, i sat down with a woman who has worked on high profile campaigns. >> she was barely out of college when she helped raise millions of dollars. bridge it went on to work with other campaigns and felt all the bumps in the road. also the author of the new book domestic affairs. a look inside the world of campaign finance all intersect. how fascinating. nice to see you. welcome to the studio. >> thank you for having me. >> first, right off the bat here. when you are watching
7:35 am
what's going on now, no scandal is happening right now. but got to be an exciting time during the presidential election time. >> it is. always an exciting time. i got into politics because i love politics and the campaign cycles. it's a great time to be watching. and no scandal we know of is going on. >> even the cover is intriguing. the hand on the waist and the phones. tell us about what is in the book. it is a fictionalized account. >> it is a fictionalized account. it is all true stories but put together into one long fix story. and it's the story of a young fundraiser who gets on her dream campaign, a presidential campaign and falls for the presidential candidate. and it's a story of that affair but it's also i hope an insight
7:36 am
into fund-raising and campaign life and especially now we hear so many stories about these huge numbers that candidates are bringing in. hundreds of millions of dollars. and the truth is a lot of the time it's 20 and 30-year-olds bringing that in. i wanted to give an inside look into what that's like. >> we've all come to be familiar with the term super pack now. was it always like this though or now is the money just all this huge money from different organizations? >> yeah. it wasn't. back 10 years ago when i started, 12 years ago now when i started, there was soft money. you could give unlimited amounts to the campaign committees. but took all that away and took huge steps forward in bringing down the limits and bringing up the disclosure which really helped. and super packs unfortunately
7:37 am
have rolled all of that back. so you are seeing enormous amounts going into these campaigns and more upsetting than the enormitiy of the amounts is the lack of disclosure. . >> often you'll find the agendas of the money. >> i was very fortunate to work at a time when the super packs weren't so big and very fortunate to work for candidates who i feel really respected. their own policy and the rights and made decisions not based on the money. when you see a million dollar or $2 million check going in from a corporation, there's no way that's not going to affect the candidate and the policy. >> let's talk about the book a little more. were you afraid people would recognize themselves in the book? how did you do that? >> kept it a little mysterious
7:38 am
enough to do it. and it is a compilation of my stories and friend's stories. and telling me great stories. but no, i hope that's kind of the fun of it that people can recognize themselves maybe and definitely people they've worked with and friends they've seen. >> last question cause our time has gone by like that. we look at people who work closely in the campaign at working all day, all night. the blackberry was the phone. is that how it is? >> it really is. you'll get an insight of that in my book. you are on your blackberry all the time. i wrote the whole book on my blackberry. >> are you serious? >> i wrote the whole thing on my blackberry. believe it or not. campaign skill. moved on to the next level. >> she is an actor, writer, political consultant.
7:39 am
and her book is called domestic affairs. thank you for being with us. >> so cool to talk to her. the real interview was afterwards and talking about what went on. and i was like i wished i would have asked you that on camera. i didn't want her to get into any trouble. >> i'm sure it was good dirt. >> it's a good read. it is 7:39. it's a monday morning. a holiday for most of us. still ahead, ale to the chief. get it? like hail. the white house uncorks the recipe to the homemade brew. we're going to tell you why. >> that's interesting. and as we head to break, a special hello to the kids heading back to class. this is porsche at her last day. she is a senior.
7:40 am
and payton started middle school. good morning to you. have a great year at school. >> sleep in today cause it's over tomorrow. >> that's right. [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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making headlines here at home and around the world. two americans hurt after a deadly attack against a u.s. vehicle in pakistan. it happened overnight as a government transport left the u.s. consulate. a car packed with explosives rammed the vehicle. the explosion killed two pakistanis and left more than 20 people hurt. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. >> a stand off in washington state is over but police are sear vping for a pose -- searching for a possible second shooter. deputies and a swat team came under fire when they arrived for a call about a man shot outside his house. the gun battle continued into the afternoon. one suspect was killed. >> quite a sight in britain as prince andrew repelled down the
7:44 am
side of europe's tallest building, the shard. the 785 foot tower was just built in time for the olympics. took him 30 minutes to go down 67 floors. once on the ground, the prince said -- what do you think he's going to say? i'll never do it again. >> there's got to be another way to raise money for a charity. >> andrew is not a young man. is he? >> wow. he's up there in age isn't he? >> he's too old for that. >> is he 50? >> probably. >> just saying. >> there's no way. >> he did it for charity. so there you go . >> got to be another way. >> i have a prince harry joke but i'll skip it all right. radar. more showers and thunder storms in the forecast today. some of those could be heavy.
7:45 am
we've had a shower there bubble up in the southeast washington pressing out towards route 50. not a whole lot to feature at the moment but i promise the showers and storms become more numerous later today. along with the warm temperatures and humidity. let's do future cast and put it in motion for you. a lot of cloud cover. might see a peek or two of sunshine. here we are at 2:00. if you are going down to the mall the nationals game. be ready for a pop up shower at any point. i can guarantee much of the area can see showers and storms later this afternoon. still showers hanging around and do it all over again tomorrow as kids are headed back to school and work. 83 this afternoon. we'll hold the temperature down a little bit. but showers and storms likely. what we call unsettled for the next several
7:46 am
days. next sunny day arrives friday and cool it down and dry it out by the end of the week. >> going online, i think that building was 87 floors. but he did it again for the kids. him and 40 other people did it for the kids. and he's how old? >> 52. not a good look. find another way for charity. >> give a little bit of his money. anyway. that's just us. lauren is standing by with a look at traffic. 87 floors. >> not repelling down any buildings any time soon. listen, very nice light volume out there. metro rail, metro bus on a sunday schedule. let's take a live look from traffic land. traveling the beltway, nice light volume. no problems heading across the bridge. both maryland and virginia you are going to find your lanes are open. 66 running
7:47 am
well. no issues 95 between beltways. in virginia, 95 and 395 look great. hov restrictions lifted everywhere except for root 50. sandy point, virginia beach. ocean city, williams burg virginia, delaware and baltimore. some of the top travel locations for our area according to trip advisors. that's where you are going to see folks heading back today and wet weather. leave early if you can. across the bay bridge, check out 1877 or bay >> thank you very much. let's talk about beer. home brewers can now hoist a pint like the president after weeks of waiting the white house head chef has released the recipe. posted the recipe for honey ale and honey
7:48 am
porter online after the petition on the white house web site. both beer recipes include honey harvested from the white house beehive. who knew? >> that's the problem if you don't have the access to the white house beehive. >> you can have knock off honey, i guess. >> if you would like the knock off honey. on the town this labor day holiday. >> that's where more than 400 show cars are set up. that's also where we find holly this morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are wondering where all the traffic is on this labor day, it is in clifton, virginia. it's surrounded and involves a whole lot of cool cars. this is one event that is going on rain or shine. we're going to tell you all about it live next. stay with us. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
7:49 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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but what choices wiwill women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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time for our facebook fan of the day. i got scared for a second. today we say good morning to adrian. he is a big fan of the fox 5 family. and we do believe that. and he loves learning something new every morning. thanks to tony and tucker. for your chance to be fan of the day -- he reminded me of the game. i'm all right now. just caught me off guard. for a chance to be the fan of the day, log on to facebook page and leave a comment under his loving and sweet picture. >> this labor day one virginia community has come together for a day of classic cars, food and fun. all three things i love and all to benefit charity. >> and here's another thing we
7:53 am
love. holly morris. >> reporter: good morning. this has become quite the destination spot for a lot of people on labor day. doing it for 13 years now. they are very close to opening. the show starts at 9:00. let me introduce you to jim. president of custom cruisers and the former president of the clifton lions club. if only you would do something with your life >> i know. i don't have any time. >> he's getting everybody organized. does this guy need to know where to go. you are going to have to wait. tell me what's going on here today. >> raising money to two charities. life of cancer and riding program. we are expecting close to 400 show cars. if we get better skies, we'll have that number. >> you said you saw something. >> i see blue. >> you saw a patch of blue.
7:54 am
>> we have a patch of blue and going to have a heck of a car show. we have a lot of food. there's going to be music and dancing later. it's just a full day of fun. >> what kind of cars are people going to see? >> everything from a 1908 buick to a dodge viper with everything in between. hot rods, antiques, show cars, muscle cars. everything you ever wanted when you are growing up, you'll see here today >> why did you start this? >> 13 years ago just as a get together. the first year 25 cars and second year 50. our motto of the custom cruisers is we cruise for charity. we do a children's hospital show in the spring and this show here and we help other car clubs to do charity shows. it started getting bigger and bigger. because of the mayor, i was able to get the town. we shut the
7:55 am
town down. people like this venue. an old town setting. you go to car shows they are in a parking lot. there's places for people to shop. there's plenty of food. people like the setting. it's gotten to the point that nobody has a car show within 100 miles of here on labor day because our show has gotten so good. >> people are looking for things to do and no one can compete with it so they don't even try. i want to bring in gary. happy labor day, sir. >> happy labor day to you. >> and you are indeed laboring. >> people are setting up for bbqing. >> why is it important to be a part of this? >> our motto is we serve. the two main charities for this show. but over the whole year we on do cub scouts, boy skoutz.
7:56 am
immediate -- scouts, medical christian ministries. we try to help everybody. >> i want to know who owns all these cars. local people or do people come from afar? >> when we have good weather, i have people from north carolina, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware. today, because of weather, we'll probably all be local cars. but we get cars from west virginia and all the states because we are the only show. and it's the place to come. but because of the weather, days like this, most of these are local cars and we'll have at least 200 local cars. it's amazing how many cars are local that are beautiful like this. >> what's your favorite car out there right now? >> right now, mine is that 39 cat lack right here. -- 39 cadillac.
7:57 am
>> i'm going for that rolls. the clifton car show is today rain or shine. they are out here to have a good time and raise money for great causes. we have a link to theirs. the show is from 9 until 3:00 p.m. next hour we'll talk more about the charities they are raising money for. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead, hollywood star stranded. why the coast guard had to rescue him. >> fox 5 morning news continues right after this. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> straight ahead at 8:00, isaac's aftermath hits close to home. heavy rain floods a neighborhood for the 4th time this summer. we'll have a live report. >> last week was all about republicans. now it's the democrats turn. more on the democratic national convention coming up >> and later on the silver screen, he played the master and commander in the high seas. in real life, not quite.
8:01 am
why they had to rescue him from a kayak. >> be back to labor tomorrow. we're all laboring in the meantime for him. let's check in to get the latest on our weather. >> from a kayak? >> we'll get to that in a bit. >> i thought he was the captain of a big boat. let's get to the forecast. if you are going to be out later today, showers and storms in the forecast. heavy rain possibility like yesterday. as we continue to be under a very humid air mass. couple sprinkles, couple light showers out there in northwest washington as we speak now working up towards college park and 95. the showers and storms will become more enhanced later this afternoon. definitely
8:02 am
bring an umbrella here. temperatures, it's warm and humid. 80 this morning. 79. our highs later today will top out in the low 80s. showers and storms are numerous. >> i like the graphics. >> let's check in with lauren and get the latest on traffic. >> you know what else is something you should get out. if you download the wave app to your smart phone, help you get around and anything in your way. you can use it in the mornings and help with the traffic report. let's look at ways right now. we have reports of an action on the outer on -- acident on the outer loop. i was taking a live look from
8:03 am
traffic land. not seeing too much in the way of delays there. reported to the right side of the roadway. watch for that. other than that, not much going on. very nice light volume around there this morning. here we are canal fox hall. except for root 50. if you are traveling route 50 today, the right of your screen there, nice wide open lanes right now. it's recommended you leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. the big story in our area, some folks in dc's blooming dale area is on clean up. this has been a problem all summer. live in northwest now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the heart of the blooming
8:04 am
dale neighborhood in northwest. less than 10 hours ago all of this here was under water. you couldn't walk here, you couldn't drive-thru here. the road was closed. and rain that normally wouldn't cause any problems anywhere else, here, it often floods. the dc fire department rescued several people trapped in cars. the rain came down last night, several feet of water filled the streets. storm drains backed up and the water had no place to go. apartment ands homes flooded and sewage backed up inside. many people are fed up but they don't know what to do. >> it's happened at least twice now. and it's getting frustrating. you can tell when the storm drains are backing up that the drains are going to go and you are going to take on with water. >> they had formed a task force
8:05 am
to figure out what is behind this flooding. also inspecting the tunnels to search for possible blockages. something that could be addressed immediately. a long-term plan is in the works. that won't be done until 2025. a lot of people say they can't afford to wait for that. and the mayor has given that task force about 4 months to try and find answers. that's the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. some 2800 people in louisiana and mississippi remain in shelters this morning. some 6 days after hurricane isaac began to hit the gulf coast. water remains high as first responders continue to rescue some folks who had been living on the top floors. the death toll from isaac stands at 7 in the united states with two dozen more killed in the caribbean.
8:06 am
the president will be in saint john the baptist parish to see recovery efforts firsthand. homeland security was in louisiana and mississippi yesterday. and republican presidential nominee mitt romney visited areas of louisiana last friday. to down south comes in the middle of a campaign blitz. democratic delegates are gathering in the tar heel state. nicole continues our coverage live in charlotte inside the time warner cable arena. good morning. i see you are inside now ready to go. >> reporter: yes. we're inside here. it's pretty quiet out there. we're expecting about 6,000 delegates to start taking these seats tomorrow. i can show you the floor here. it's pretty quiet. but you can see the areas where each of these
8:07 am
states will have the delegates sit. the media is getting ready and setting up. we're reporting on this before the convention starts tomorrow. security here very tight. we're at time warner cable arena. but thursday, president obama will accept the nomination in a different venue at the bank of america stadium which is an outdoor arena. we've been having rain here the last few days. rain is in the forecast for thursday. it is a rain or shine event barring any extreme waeth ear. we saw that with tampa last week. the worst thing that could happen is this convention could get moved today. at this point everything looks like it's all a go. >> taking a look back at the republican national convention, how did that set the stage for the dnc? >> reporter: well, the obama
8:08 am
campaign has come out, saying that the rnc was a disaster and that they plan to do the opposite in his words. he said they are going to present a clear agenda. the obama campaign saying republicans didn't provide any details. no real substance to what they plan to do to change things. we're hearing from the obama campaign, they plan to provide substance and we expect them to talk about their plan as they say to build this economy from the middle class out. >> all right. nicole live for us in charlotte, north carolina. thanks so much, nicole. >> reporter: you bet. >> on the republican side now, mitt romney is laying low for the next few days preparing for his fall debates. his running mate will stump through the tar heel state trying to counter program the dnc. >> thanks. new this morning, two americans hurt after a
8:09 am
deadly attack against a u.s. vehicle in pakistan. this happened overnight as government transport left the u.s. consulate. officials say a car packed with explosives rammed the vehicle. the firey explosion killed two pakistanis and left more than 20 people hurt. no one has claimed responsibility. the osama bin laden tell all hits stores tomorrow. the new york times reports that the author may have had an axe to fwriend. bad blood with his former unit. >> all right. enjoy the break while it lasts. tomorrow it is back to the grind. >> we're going to tell you why they call tomorrow terrible traffic tuesday and how you can try to avoid the worst of it. >> try is the word there. dave ross is in the dug out counting down to the shut down. >> can you believe it the
8:10 am
redskins played the season opener this sunday. who is going to carry them? three headed running back monitor when fox morning news continues. 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
last night's labor day concert went off but with a bit of a hitch. had to change plans because of weather and move the show from the capital building to the kennedy center. the free concert attracted enough people to line up around the be building. the overflow crowd had to watch the performance on closed circuit television out in the hallway. i'm sure since the rain and everything, they were glad they were able to see it. >> nice they had plan b ready to go. >> i like that. the orchestra is used to playing there. it was all good . >> meanwhile, we're going to continue to have rain too looks
8:14 am
like tucker. >> yes, showers and thunder storms return later this afternoon. it's humid outside. before we do weather , let's get to my favorite time of the day. my first 5 photo of the day. cute as can be. great hello to three week old morgan. seen here in the arms of her proud grandpa. >> i would have guessed father. he looks so young. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> she's lucky. grandpass are the best. >> let you get away with everything. >> look at the hair she has. i'm amazed how much hair she has. >> more hair than you, tucker. >> i was well into my third year before my hair. >> you had your haircut right
8:15 am
now too. >> my baby pictures are not pretty. >> my mom and dad would not have sent my picture in. click on the morning tab. congratulations and we love the picture. let's do weather. temperatures in washington 77 . it's warm and humid. very unpleasant. 73 in cincinnati this morning. hints of all well-off to the north and west. montana, 48 this hour. little cooler north and west. and it's going to take several more days before we get any relief in the form of cooler temperatures. couple showers out there. northern part of washington, eastern side of the beltway as well working up 95 towards savage and columbia. a few light showers. this is the preliminaries to the main event which is out to the west. see all the rain showers?
8:16 am
that's the actual remnants of isaac. and bring us good chance of showers and storms for the next couple days. there's your accu weather 7 day forecast. showers return. definitely umbrella weather. tuesday, wednesday, thursday more of the same. things get better by friday with highs in the low 80s. that's weather. let's see traffic. good morning. >> good morning. with that wet weather in the forecast, head out early if you are heading back from the holiday weekend. we will so that volume later on. we have a few incidents reported. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway, we have accident activity. stopped car there and response to the flashing lights. then further along the outer loop just prior to river road, we have activity here on the right shoulder. the nice light volume not much of an issue. be
8:17 am
careful with the slick roadways. 95/395. hov restrictions lifted everywhere. and hov on 95 and 395 northbound until tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. 66 and 270 nice easy trip incident free. over to you. >> count down to the shut down of steven strassburg. >> dave ross is here. do you think this is the right move? i know we've been talking about it. >> what do i think? >> i think everybody would have liked to see steven strassburg pitch in the playoffs. and i know he wants to pitch. he has said he's going to talk to johnson and the gm and say hey i want to be out there. bottom line is they are going to shut him down. they call that
8:18 am
dead at the ditch. yes, it happened. thrown out at the ditch right there. you don't throw on the 19-year-old. bottom of the 4th. over the wall, home run. nats get on the board. rbi single. and strassburg back to him, he is brilliant. doesn't allow a run and 9 strike outs and the fans love to watch him. sean came in and this happened. daniel and that's gone. 2 run shot and we're all tied up at 2. once you get to tie garjs he can't get the win. no win for steven. here come the nat sxshgs ats and they respond. up the middle. chad and tracy. will he get there? gone down to second. nats get the 4-3. 81st victory this year which matches the team high. a whole month to play and they've
8:19 am
equaled 81 winds. how about our neighbors to the north? very cute little ball club. they've all grown up. they are big boys and they can play. mark renolds not once but twice goes deep. 2 out of 3 in new york city. where do these guys come from? they are only two games behind in the american league east. we don't know about our redskins yet. >> we hope so. >> we know robert griffin iii is going to make his debut. they cut tim hightower. they are down to final 53. hightower not among them. who is going to carry this ball? >> i was just talking about that. >> i figured that much.
8:20 am
were you discussing alfred morris? here's the deal like guys. they are going to rely on youngsters. he can get it done. he got it done in the preseason. and the redskins like him because they like his durability. and alfred told me i can carry it 20 times. if he can't go 20 times, get the ball this way. he returned and looked good in that final preseason game last wednesday. and this is the guy that i think when healthy can be the most explosive. >> hallu. >> you got to call him what he says. mike shanahan call him what you want. >> they are proven players. i like what i've seen in practice. i like what i've seen in the game. each guy has a different quality.
8:21 am
interesting to see these guys compete. but now-a-days, it's hard to final that guy. we have three guys that i believe in. and darrel l is pretty impressive. >> i like the white t-shirt look with the redskins. >> casual. kind of casual. it works. >> then we'll suit up for real september 9th. >> unbelievable. >> and that makes it feel like fall. >> it's football season and baseball season. >> they are doing well. >> all right. thanks, dave. coming up next, the sound of hall david. -- hal david. and later . where to head if you want to check out classic cars. it's 8:21 right now. we'll be right bavenlth anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
8:22 am
8:23 am
but it'll become so o much mor. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
8:24 am
that song makes me really sad. >> it does. >> to hear it coming in on this labor day. >> that is performing collaboration with hal david who passed away over the weekend. >> he died from a stroke he
8:25 am
suffered back in march. they are responsible for hits like rain drops keep falling on my head and that's what friends are for. they also worked with artists from dion to the beatles. they were honored right here in the district. hal david was 91 years old. >> a self proclaimed messiah has died. the reverend came to fame in the 70s for holding weddings for mass followers. he was a powerful voice in the conservative movement. the church built a business empire that included the washington times newspaper. he passed away early today korea time. he was 92 years old. >> still ahead, a local law
8:26 am
maker weighs into the rape/pregnancy debate. >> first let's check in with lauren. >> later today dealing with the holiday traffic. and tomorrow is terrible traffic tuesday. talk more about that coming up when fox 5 morning news continues. continues. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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8:29 am
nature valley protein bars. making headlines today a navy seal killed last month will be honored as he makes the final home coming journey to maryland. warfare officer first class patrick feats died august 16th in a helicopter crash. his body will be escorted to edge water. residents are urged to line route 2 if the escort makes its way from 9:30 to 10:00 this morning. >> u.s. officials have
8:30 am
suspended the training of police for at least a month. in order to carry out intensified bedding following a string of attacks by afghan soldiers. u.s. special forces will be reexamining any potential ties trainings might have to have. >> and finally, hate to see this story, officials desperately trying to keep five whales alive after they washed ashore. 22 pilot whales beached saturday. the rest died of natural causes. still no word what caused the whales to become stranded on the shore. >> really sad. >> all right tucker. >> our weather continues to be warm and humid with showers and storms back in the forecast. feels like a nice wet blanket. and it's the remnants of isaac. nothing to kick it
8:31 am
through here. we have a couple more days. >> i'd rather take this than winds and rains from isaac. i'm going to be satisfied. glass half full. >> and it is a holiday. let's get to your numbers. regan national falling back into the mid 70s. it won't be hot but very warm. not going to be comfortable. 73 in leonard town. mountains, 72 in martins burg. all right. dew point temperatures. any time above 70, it is very uncomfortable. 72 the current dew point in washington. 74. 73. it is very warm and humid out there. and continue to be so as this rolls through. couple sprinkles and showers now pushing up into northern prince georges county.
8:32 am
a few showers. that's about it. when i show you the bigger picture, this is why i can guarantee showers and storms. that's why. lots of showers out to the west. this is going to come rolling through here later this afternoon. really into tuesday and wednesday, dealing with this. the next couple days not looking great. kind of hit and miss. parts of the areas you are not going to see a whole lot. and again, the potential for a few thunder storms out there. quiet it down later tonight and do it again tomorrow. here's your accu weather 7 day forecast. 83 this afternoon and there's the next couple days. by late thursday, a cold front will kick that whole mess out of here and things will get better. friday and saturday, 80 degrees. back to the desk. >> if you are watching us this morning in bed or still in your
8:33 am
pajamas at the kitchen table, one i'm extremely jealous. and two, that's not going to be happening tomorrow. >> they are like can they see us now? >> back to work and back to school for the entire dc region tomorrow. dubbed as terrible traffic tuesday. and lauren is back with more on that. i just have to ask, is this hype or really as bad as all that? >> well, depends. you are used to it. did it before the summer began. back into it again. the time of rest and easy breezy roads is now going to be over. back in the swing of things. terrible traffic tuesday sounds scary but it is what it is. aaa predicts we'll see 2.8 million commuters in the washington area. and according to the transportation planning board, travel times were found to average 30% longer. in september that number jumped to
8:34 am
60%. according to the board, it isn't really that there are more cars but everyone is traveling at the same time. so the number of cars doesn't jump that much. according to the transportation planning board, congress is back in session. and the school kids are back in class. and parents that have to send their children off to school at the same time each morning are less free to choose earlier or later times to leave for work. if you do have to head to work today, enjoy the nice light volume. tomorrow may be rough. i wanted to show you ways. you can get it for iphone or android. go to your app store or market. if you haven't used it so far, we start to see traffic. you can see this accident here on the outer loop of the beltway. shows you it's heavy and slow. if you are driving in the area and had the
8:35 am
app open, it would tell you delays ahead. you can contribute to our traffic reports. >> thank you. a few weeks after missouri congressman todd akin was blasted for comments, a maryland law maker is being criticized. rosco was at a town hall meeting last week when he claimed there are very few pregnancies due to rape. he did not go far as saying a woman's body can shut down the pregnancy. >> all right. going vegan. just what does it mean for diet and lifestyle? >> also coming up, the movie star this that had to get help when he got lost on his kayak. and this time tomorrow, back to school for all the
8:36 am
public school systems. we continue to celebrate the students who have already been back. this is delilah. i love that name . she's looking delight full. have a great year. i love your lunch box there. look at the backpack is almost as big as she is. >> we'll be right back. &d@x0ñfññ okay, here's the plan.
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the actor russel crowe. he played that role. and maybe he drew on that experience this weekend. he got lost around night fall while kayaking off long island on saturday. had to call out to a coast guard boat patrolling the area. they got on board the boat to safety. sent out a tweet shortly after thanking the officers who helped him out. what happened there? >> at least he called for help. >> the possession scared off the box office competition. the new horror flick earned $17 million. the weekend's other
8:40 am
new openings raked in little less than $10 million. the expendables 2 keeps fighting. >> kind of a slow week. >> yeah. >> no meat, no dairy. could you do it ? time right now is 8:40 on this labor day morning. up next. i sat down with an author how you can ease into a vegan lifestyle. >> ease right out of it. >> and holly is showing us sweet rides for a sweet cause. >> reporter: good morning to you. if you are vegan, you don't want to come to the clifton car show. it smells good. they have the smoker going and the bbqing. and you can see for yourself, they have a whole line of sweet cars here ready for you to see. it's all for a fantastic cause. we're going to talk all about it and everything you need to know live
8:41 am
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time for our facebook fan of the day. and today we say hello to adrian. he is a big fan of fox 5 and loves learning something new every morning. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under adrian's picture. >> author is out with her 11th book. healthier choices. i recently talked to her about why she advocates the vegan lifestyle. >> i assume you are speaking from a place of knowledge. how long have you been a vegan? >> 28 years. >> before it was super chic. >> absolutely. my college thesis was being vegan. and entire different world from 2012 when to be vegan is to be cool. >> how did you come to this in your own life? >> i wanted to be vegetarian
8:45 am
even as a kid. when i was 13 i didn't like the idea of killing animals and eating animals. i spent four months living on fruit cocktail and cottage cheese. didn't work too well. when i was around 17, i got into yoga which recommends a vegetarian diet. i moved to london for school. vegetarian first, it took me years to get to vegan. but it's a shorter transition time for a lot of people. >> what is it to be a vegan? >> a total vegetarian. this means from the negative side that we don't eat meat or fish or eggs or dairy products. on the positive side, we eat such beautiful food from fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds. you can create this
8:46 am
wonderful ethnic specialties and really good food. >> the funny thing to me is eating healthy seems to be more expensive or harder. but for me you go into the grocery store and you look for the organic versus the -- what is the inorganic called? >> conventional. >> and you are like i know i should get this but it's more. and making sure you are eating the right things. seems to be harder but i'm sure you are going to tell us there is a way to simplify it and add it into your routine. >> absolutely. and organic is one thing. vegan is another. there's a list they call it the dirty dozen that shows the foods. that are heavily sprayed and out of the organic. but so many of the other things, avocados have no natural pests.
8:47 am
they are lightly sprayed anyway. so you learn what's what. but actually, vegan eating is very very cheap. and traditionally that was one ohe reasons people lean toward it. you think about rice and beans. that feeds the world. doesn't have to be expensive unless you want to get the treats and a few of the treats are fun. >> a synopsis was written about the book. outlines practical baby steps towards veganism. tell us about the book. >> 40 short chapters with a recipe at the end of each one about the aspect of each lifestyle. there's health. former president clinton is vegan for his health. also about ethics. it's about the environment. eating lower on the food chain is good for the planet. it's reducing the global warning gasses. and also frees up more food for people who don't have it. and we also
8:48 am
have a fashion component. vegans like to wear nonleather shoes. we have fabulous bags and clothing. >> often you will see isn't that a leather jacket you are wearing? but this book shows you how to be a total vegan. >> i'm a vegan lifestyle coach and i work with people one on one to be able to make this happen. sometimes you need to know how to talk to your child's teacher if your child doesn't want to do dissection in school. there's a lot to it and such an adventure. and keeps you young forever. >> your face is popping out beautiful face. let's talk about there's going to be an aunt mabel that says you need to feed that child beef. how do you suggest or explaining that to them? and does little jimmy need some beef? >> i raised my daughter as a vegan from infancy and she now
8:49 am
works as a stunt performer. we've got so many examples and so many athletes from marathoners to mixed marshal artists. when you think about who are the strongest animals on the planet, we're talking herbavors. we need to do this right and take a vitamin b12 supplement. that is the one that is not found in plant kingdom. you can supplement omega 3 so you don't have to do fish oil. a lot of people need to be taking vitamin d regardless of the diet and eat food that grows up out of the ground with lots of glorious colors. >> you make everyone feel like we can do this and do it starting today. >> it's fun. >> you'll need a little help. check out main street vegan.
8:50 am
we appreciate it. >> thanks so much. >> she's a lovely person. >> you violated every rule already today. >> uh-huh. >> it's hard. >> that's why we need that book. >> okay. if you are looking for a fun way to spend your day off, check out classic cars. >> but the cars are one part of the special event to raise money for kids. live in clifton with more this morning. you were talking about the food, the cars. you got it all this morning. >> reporter: i know. and right now you know what else we have? the sun. that's why i'm squinting. we are holding off the rain here. going to be a great day for everyone to come out. when they started this, it was a way for them to get together. let's do something for a good cause as well. and they've been going strong ever since. 400 cars will be out on the streets today. scott springer is the master. he joins me. another one of the groups it takes. good morning to you. happy labor day >> happy labor day to you.
8:51 am
we're helping out with parking and serving food in front of the lodge. a bunch of members out here and support great charities >> who comes out to the car show? >> anybody who loves cars, good food comes out. >> and you have your son here with you. this is a wonderful family event as well. >> it is. any time you can get family and friends and everybody out together having a good time, what more can you ask for? >> thank you so much. thanks for the work you are doing. good luck starting high school tomorrow. last day and summer is over. we've been talking about how this is for good causes. and there's two they are highlighting. brianna is with the therapeutic riding program. tell me about what it is what it does. >> we're a non-profit and teach
8:52 am
them how to ride horses. very beneficial to the rider. strength, balance, coordination. social skills. >> what difference have you seen in children's lives from when they started to a few weeks, a few months later. >> like anyone, independence, confidence. strength is a huge piece. we have one mom that talked about how her son can set up at the dining room table because he has the core strength to do that. the riders don't know they are having therapy and having fun. >> i think the horses know. >> they know what they are doing. yeah, absolutely. >> for people who say that might be a risky thing, it's very safe. >> we do have volunteers that help our riders. we have three people helping to make sure it's safe. we have volunteer positions available all the time
8:53 am
>> and ways to help finance it. how much of a difference does this make? >> it's huge. our program operates from 50% coming from phi lanthropy. >> let me give you another one. thank you so much . i want to introduce you to jenny. all of the proceeds going to these causes. tell me about life with cancer. >> non-profit. we provide education, informatin and support to any person affected by cancer. i work with the children. we do counseling, support groups. any thing to help a family. >> and do you think there are -- it's such a scary thing for anybody to be told they have cancer. what kind of difference
8:54 am
does this kind of program make in helping families through that period? >> one of the things is everything we do is free. i provide therapy. we have art therapy. we have the groups. it allows us to do all of our programs for free. this is one thing they don't have to worry about. >> as we look here at the classic cars and all the people out here. as you look at every car, you see one of your children's faces or a mom or dad who is helping their kid. this helps makes a difference >> they've been a huge supporter and only way we can do what we do is generous organizations like this. very fortunate. >> that's why i think the sun is shining right now. here's what you need to know, the car show opens in about 5 or 6 minutes. 9:00 a.m. goes until 3:00 this afternoon. we have a link to theirs. we talked a lot about the cars and
8:55 am
the charities. but it does include food and music. we're going to do chili cook off and live performance in our 9:00 hour. >> hopefully the sun stays out. all right thanks. time now is 8:55. julie is showing us preparations for the labor day parade. and local businessman who is helping enrich children's lives. >> don't want to miss a young lady. she wrote a song to raise awareness about bullying and she's only 12 years old. what inspired the music coming up at 9:45. stay with us.  [ male announcer ] the m magc of nature appears every day,
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, isaac brings rain and humidity to the dc reason and creates all too
8:59 am
familiar flooding scene. live tracking clean up. plus tucker has a look at when things will be cooling down. >> at 12 years old a young girl is using music to raise awareness about bullying. plus sing this inspirational message live for us this morning. >> and don't want to miss how you can learn to use the same brew the white house has. tell you all about that. good morning to you. >> i'm allison seymour. happy labor day to you. >> let us labor for you >> we're working for you. good morning, tucker. >> good morning, everybody. more of the same in store. lots of clouds around and humidity. and showers and maybe a thunder storm back in the forecast. here's a live look at radar. showers move through during overnight hours.

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